Samsung researchers develop 4K hologram

Samsung researchers develop 4K hologram
Researchers at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) have developed a 4K hologram prototype, developing a special optical element called a steering-backlight unit to achieve the 4K hologram prototype.

The special optical element, called an S-BLU, consists of a panel-shaped light source, a coherent-backlight unit (C-BLU) which creates a 4K screen by transforming an incident beam into a collimated beam, using a beam deflector which can adjust the incident beam to a desired angle. 

During research, the SAIT team created a new holographic display that uses a thin, flat panel design similar to conventional displays on the market, identifying a method for generating 4K holographic images in real time that use a single chip field-programmable gate array for hologram calculation. 

Conventional methods employ a ‘point cloud based’ calculation, with the new method using an algorithm by applying conditions that prevent information loss and excessive sampling.

Hong-Seok Lee, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, commented: “From creation to reproduction of holograms, a complete system was implemented to secure the possibility of commercialisation.

“We will continue to devote our utmost efforts to establishing holograms as the future of displays.”

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