Samsung ramps up transparent panel promotion

Samsung ramps up transparent panel promotion
At the end of 2011 Samsung began ramping up promotion of its transparent LCD displays sparking speculation that the Korean electronics company will reveal more at CES this month. In 2011 the company has been showing off products at exhibitions around the world and has released a number of videos featuring the product.

On December 26 the company published additional images of the 46" display on its Samsung Tomorrow blog.

Crystal Display Systems, a UK company that develops customised flat panel displays, currently provides the 22" version of the display with the larger 46" unit available to sample ahead of full release.

The company created the following short video that demonstrates the potential to use the product in retail environments where real objects can be augmented with creative and informative displays.

The products use light sources such as sunlight or indoor lighting instead of Back Light Units (BLUs). At night a BLU designed specifically for transparent panels can be activated.

Samsung claims when the transparent BLU is not activated, the panel uses only 10% of the electricity used by a regular LCD screen of equivalent size.

CES will be held in Las Vegas, January 10 to 13, 2012.

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