Samsung launches mirror and transparent displays

Samsung is set to shake up the digital signage market with the release of its mirror and transparent OLED display panels. Aimed primarily at retail applications, the new displays were unveiled recently at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Samsung describe their technology as providing a digital viewing platform to make the consumer purchasing experience more visually engaging.

When Samsung’s mirror OLED display technology is integrated with Intel Real Sense technology, a virtual fitting room is created that allows consumers to see themselves wearing clothing apparel, shoes or jewellery that they might wish to buy.

The Intel technology takes human-computer interaction combines consumer-grade 3D cameras with an easy-to-use, automated library of stored “perceptions” to simplify camera enhancement efforts of software developers. The Samsung Mirror Display may also replace mirrors in other environments, providing digital information services.

It does not need the ambient backlight for displaying on-screen images that LCD technology requires. Like the Samsung Mirror Display, the new Samsung Transparent Display will visually accentuate the gesture and voice control of Real Sense 3D-rotatable viewing systems, with OLED’s HD video playback. Collectively, these features will enhance consumer-facing displays in car dealerships, and other innovative signage applications in public information and transportation environments, as well as at retail and hospitality/hotel locations.

"Samsung has a long legacy of leadership in technology innovation for digital signage, as well as for other applications, and we are now leading the next wave of digital signage advancement with our Mirror and Transparent OLED display solutions," said Oseung Yang, VP, Samsung Display Company.

"We are very excited to help bring a new interactive dimension to the world of multi-channel shopping through the integration of our newest OLED displays with Intel RealSense technology."