Samsung ends transparent OLED panel production

woman presents samsung transparent oled display

After 8 years of manufacturing transparent OLED displays, Samsung has announced that they will bring manufacturing to an end after poor sales. The company’s transparent OLED display panel is currently used in all TOLED products on the market.

The company had hoped the transparent technology could be the future of signage across a variety of sectors, yet the wow-factor of the panels seemingly did not translate into installations.

According to a statement from the company, “the global quantity is not high enough for Samsung to justify the investment” in the transparent OLED range.

Whilst Samsung are getting out of the TOLED market, another major player, LG, were expected to be bringing products to market next year until the announcement. According to flat panel designer and distributor Crystal Display Systems, this could possibly be “in doubt” due to lack of global demand for the product.

It seems Samsung will be concentrated their efforts elsewhere when it comes to future technology, such as developing the first rollable TVs and tablets.