Samsung backs Liquavista display tech with acquisition

Samsung backs Liquavista display tech with acquisition
Samsung has thrown its weight behind electrowetting display technology, acquiring Liquavista, developer of the technology.

The move should propel the display technology into the market at a much quicker speed than previously anitcipated.

Samsung Electronics bought out all of the company’s shares from past shareholders. Under the terms of this acquisition, Liquavista will be a fully owned affiliate of Samsung Electronics.

“We are thrilled by this event” said Johan Feenstra, Liquavista’s founder and the company’s newly appointed CEO. “The outright acquisition of Liquavista by the largest electronics company in the world is the fulfilment of a strategy dating back to the original spin-out and, confirmation of the disruptive potential that our technology will have in the display market.”

The acquisition has also resulted in a number of changes in Liquavista’s management team. Johan Feenstra has succeeded Guy Demuynck as the company’s CEO.

“In the future, consumers will need products that not only support full color and video but offer readability in all lighting conditions and gives them ultimate freedom and portability.” Johan Feenstra added, “Being part of Samsung, we can all be sure that Electrowetting Display Technology will find its way to the market in the fastest possible time.”

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