Salzer and Jenson form AV management consultancy

Salzer and Jenson form AV management consultancy
The managing director of macom and former managing director of Crestron Germany have joined forces to found macom Management Consulting.

Björn Jensen managing director of German based macom and Thomas Salzer, former managing director of Crestron Germany, say the company is one of the first management consultancies dedicated to the AV industry.

Jensen cited change in the AV industry as the catalyst for the new company. “The degree of product integration is steadily increasing while the product cycles are getting ever shorter,” he said.

“This led to a continuous growth of innovation pressure. In order to be able to keep up, companies have to adapt strategic orientations, to simplify procedures and make processes more flexible. However, in many discussions with industry representatives we have found that they are often lacking the necessary starting points and approaches. That’s why we have founded macom Management Consulting.”

Slazer noted that both he and Jensen had more than 20 year’s experience in the AV industry that they were now making available to other companies.

macom Management Consulting offers a modular approach to selection of services such as strategy, sales, organisational and process consulting as well as management coaching. Support includes finding qualified personnel and the mentoring of mergers and acquisitions.

Jensen has been managing director of the German consulting and engineering service provider macom for more than 14 years. Thomas Salzer was managing director of Crestron Germany for 16 years.