Runtech completes AV project at Singer Capital Markets

Runtech completes AV project at Singer Capital Markets
UK systems integrator Runtech Group has completed a project at Singer Capital Markets in London, including the supply of four different scenarios in each seven-person meeting room.

Headquartered in London with an office in Newcastle, Singer Capital Markets is one of the largest corporate stockbroking platforms. Founded in 1907, Singer Capital Markets serves the UK small and mid-Cap Market.

The client undertook a complete refurbishment of two floors in their London HQ. Working alongside Curve Workplaces, who supplied the client with a design and fit out service, Runtech installed a range of AV kit across their office. The project scope included Seven VC enabled meeting rooms, and a trading floor/Town Hall area with digital signage.

The clients’ requirements were unique in the sense that they wanted each meeting room to provide four different scenarios. The solutions had to be reliable and consistent regardless of room size and include room booking and digital signage. Most rooms were fully collaborative spaces with the four scenarios and some rooms were simpler native Zoom Rooms using Rally Bar and TAP.

As the meeting rooms varied in capacity, the screen size was selected based on the optimal viewing distance. LG interactive displays were installed in every room, allowing the client to annotate straight onto the screen and use features such as Zoom Whiteboard, creating visual collaboration. Logitech Rally with Native Zoom was the chosen provider to facilitate video conferencing.

The client requested a flexible Video Conferencing system with convenient end-user control. Runtech installed an ATEN Switch with an engraved ATEN control keypad, allowing the client to easily select from the following four scenarios.

Native Zoom Rooms with content sharing from:

·       A concealed PC

·       A guest laptop

·       Zoom Share screen

·       AirPlay sharing

Every meeting room is in native mode for quick one touch to join using the Logitech TAP. However, depending on the user's preference, they can switch to any of the other three scenarios using the keypad. To complete the meeting rooms, Logitech Tap Scheduler room booking panels with a Zoom Room integration were installed outside the rooms to visually show employees which rooms were available.

As you enter the trading floor, Runtech installed three 55-in LG displays along the back wall. The screens could be used for showcasing content through their Zoom signage license as well as viewing streaming media and TV channels. 

To enable Town Hall meetings, the entire room became a large format Zoom Room. Runtech ceiling mounted an AVer conferencing camera to pick up the near-end video, along with a Lavalier microphone for near-end audio pick up of the keynote speaker and for Q&A’s. Lastly, ceiling speakers were implemented to allow for near-end audio as well as far-end audio to be heard over the entire trading area achieved by using an AEC (Advanced Echo Cancellation) DSP (Digital Sound Processor) 

As part of the Town Hall, central rack Zoom PCs were fed to the signage screens via a Kramer 4 x 4 matrix.


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