RTT Excite demonstrates the future of visualisation

RTT Excite demonstrates the future of visualisation
RTT Excite opened its 13th annual summit in Munich, Germany on April 26 to showcase its visualisation solutions with partners including Barco, Christie, eyevis, NEC and Samsung.

The event featured 60 demo stations and six theme lounges to showcase 3D technologies for design, development, marketing and sales.

Automotive applications dominated the exhibition hall reflecting the nature of the visualisation company’s business. However, fashion and retail applications were featured with innovative examples of visualisation technologies being utilised to facilitate design, marketing and sales.

Technical workshops and a conference programme ran alongside the demonstration space with speakers from a range of industries sharing how visualisation technologies had affected their work flows.

RTT took the opportunity to show off its latest product release, RTT DeltaGen for Teamcenter. Siemens owns a 9% stake in RTT and representatives from Siemens PLM Software were on hand to demonstrate the impact the integrated PLM functionality of RTT DeltaGen for Teamcenter will have for design and engineering processes.

Keynote speaker Detlef Müller, senior manager of Creation Technologies at adidas, described the perfect storm that was driving visualisation technologies in modern businesses.

"It's amazing how ever shorter cycles, the steady increase of portfolio and channel complexity, the rise of margin pressure, the increase of development cost and innovation-thriving customers gradually encourage our industry to move away from traditional processes and evolve," he said. "The next level of this evolution – to me – clearly is virtualization. An evolution that not only impacts the development but also the marketing, selling and retailing of collections; it's changing the game completely."

Ludwig A. Fuchs, RTT co-founder, added: "We are dealing with one of the most booming industries of our time and we are still at the beginning of our possibilities. The proof is here; for example our recent software release RTT DeltaGen for Teamcenter which is enhancing visualisation into a high-end enterprise application level. With this new product asset and the intensification of our efforts in industries like "Fashion, Sports and Luxury", we widened the scope of Excite with additional theme lounges, focusing on the whole product lifecycle."