RTI targets Asia with partnership

rti control remotes and apps on devices

RTI has announced a partnership with Mindstec Distribution in a bid to expand the reach of its portfolio of automation and control systems in the South and Southeast Asia region.

RTI and Pro Control’s full product line and local support will now be available in South and Southeast Asia through Mindstec Distribution, who will offer sales, training and engineering services throughout the region.

"By partnering with Mindstec Distribution, RTI gains a well-established AV partner for this region," commented Gregory Revell, director international business, Asia Pacific, RTI. "This partnership will also allow us to build and set up accredited RTI and Pro Control training and experience centres in key cities within the region — a vital first step in strengthening our presence over the coming months."

Syed Abdul Wahab, managing director at Mindstec Distribution, added:  "This partnership is an exciting addition to our portfolio, furthering our comprehensive distribution range with a proven leader in custom control and automation solutions."