Rohinni prints LED lights

Rohinni prints LED lights
Rohinni has introduced what it claims to be the world’s thinnest LED light in the form of Lightpaper. The product can be shaped and applied to any surface. But most interestingly of all, Lightpaper can be manufactured using 3d printing. The ease of fabrication and the extreme thinness of the product make it suited for a number of possible applications ranging from consumer technology to signage solutions.

Lightpaper can be thought of as a mixture of miniature LEDs and ink. Using a proprietary process, a solution is printed onto a substrate. This object is then sandwiched between two other layers and sealed. The small diodes used are roughly the size of red blood cells and are randomly dispersed onto the material. When a current is passed through this device it lights up.

At present Rohinni imagines the Lightpaper to be able to perform as a thinner LED light source for a number of consumer devices. Emerging technology trends such as wearables, where curved or oddly shaped displays are needed, can benefit from using Lightpaper which can be printed in any shape. Lightpaper units can also be used for logos. The obvious professional AV applications would include digital signage solutions, which can definitely benefit from the versatile shapes of the lighting technology

The founders at Rohinni also envision a future where end users will be able to print light in their own house and according to their own designs. Work on a second version of Lightpaper is currently underway and the public can expect to get their hands on Lightpaper in 2015.

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