ROE Visual Europe opens new showroom

ROE Visual Europe opens new showroom
ROE Visual Europe has finalised a complete refurbishment of its showroom in Leek the Netherlands, showcasing its LED products.

The centrepiece of the showroom is the Ruby RB 2.3 LED display. This full HD wall, measuring 5.5 x 3 metres, with a resolution of 2376x1296. The showreel displayed is based on the 4K content as earlier shown at the ISE 2020 exhibition.

Flanking the Ruby screens are panels of Black Quartz, Carbon, Diamond and Vanish. Additional to these displays, the showroom will also feature the Black Marble, showcased both as wall mounted screen and interactive LED floor.

The masterminds behind the refurbishment are Victor Kortekaas and Tim Hamberg, both seasoned professionals, who know what it takes to make a well-founded decision when investing in an appropriate LED display.

“That’s the whole idea behind having the different panels on display here”, explains Victor Kortekaas, Technical Director for ROE Visual Europe, “being able to see the differences and playing with content on different screens, different processing set-ups etc., contributes to making a well-founded decision. After all we want the customer to be satisfied with his purchase, now and in the future”.

“Another advantage of having the panels at hand is that, once a client has decided, our support is at hand to make sure nobody leaves without understanding how it all fits together. Guaranteeing that the client is confident about the system will make them start their first project with full confidence later on” add Tim Hamberg, Technical Support Engineer for ROE Visual Europe.

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