Roe Academy opens in Europe

Roe Academy opens in Europe
After a series of training events held at ROE Visual USA, ROE Visual is bringing its ROE Academy to Europe. The goal of the ROE Academy is to support customers with up-to-date knowledge on LED solutions and applications available.

The ROE Academy offers training on best practices related to building a LED screens. The ROE Academy facilitates access to the broad knowledge base that is available within ROE Visual and creates a dialogue with its users and LED technicians on a global level.

The ROE Academy provides technical training on LED technology that is supported by hands-on sessions working with ROE products.

Tailored to its dedicated markets, the ROE Academy in Europe is developed by Luc Neyt and Victor Kortekaas, both experienced LED engineers with profound knowledge of the working field.

The ROE Academy offers training events at the premises of ROE Visual Europe in the Netherlands and ROE Visual USA, as well as in-house training options, where content can be tailored to your specific needs on request.

The first ROE Academy in Europe will kick-off on July 17. More events are planned for September 10 and later this year.

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