Rockhal upgrades with Adamson IS-series speakers

Rockhal upgrades with Adamson IS-series speakers
The Luxembourg Ministry of Health and The Arena Resilience Alliance used an Adamson IS-series loudspeaker system to show how events could be held safely during the pandemic.

Installed by Lumicon in Luxembourg’s multi-purpose Rockhal concert hall, the speaker system was used in a five-concert series called Because Music Matters. The system was mounted in a 360-degree configuration around a central stage and used during a period when live shows were on hold.

Rockhal, located in the multi-venue Centre de Musiques Amplifiées, initially specified the loudspeaker system with a plan to deploy it in a straightforward left/right hang arrangement before the units were repurposed for the special concert series.  

Franck Chainais, head of audio at Rockhal, said: “One got the impression of being one metre away from the speakers even when they were fifteen metres away.”

Rockhal was eventually able to deploy the Adamson system as planned and as part of wider renovations put on hold by the pandemic.

The project increased the venue’s capacity from 1,200 to 1,600 with the addition of a balcony.

Elmar Hubert, technical manager at Rockhal, said: "The last audio system was installed in 2005. Although it worked well, we want to be a state-of-the-art venue."

Lumicon, a Luxembourg-based arm of German-based integrator Show Sisters, installed ten Adamson IS10 per side, three IS119 subs (flown beside each main array in a cardioid configuration), two ground-stacked IS219 per side (also in a cardioid configuration), and six IS7p loudspeakers mounted in pairs as out, in, and lip fills. Power is provided via Lab Gruppen D Series amplifiers; a pair of D 120:4L and D 80:4L for the IS10, three D 40:4L for the IS7p, and two D 200:4L driving the subs.

The project also involved the provision of Dante connectivity in the Club hall to integrate the venue’s pre-existing DiGiCo SD12 and Lake LM44 with the new system.

Chainais said: “We can change the routing for the amps with the Dante controller, and we can also integrate this system with another because we have a Dante connection everywhere in the building.”

Adamson was chosen after a demonstration at the venue. Marko Schneider of Show Sisters/Lumicon, said: “We had two days in the room and tried different things, and it was clear to them that this was a very good system for this room. The size, the coverage, the precision of the high-end, high-mids, and sub-bass were all important. So, after the demonstration, they made the decision very fast.”