Robe system illuminates Roskilde music festival

Robe system illuminates Roskilde music festival
A Robe lighting system stands front and centre at Denmark’s largest international music festival, Roskilde, lighting up the Orange stage and the arena stage venue.

Lighting designer, Sune Verdier, ran production lighting for the arena stage, with the production lighting design including 40 Robe MegaPointes and 48 Spiiders at the head of the rig, positioned on 10 automated trusses. Front and back fixed trusses are also installed with left and right side ladders, enabling the space to be filled with lighting. 

The two side ladders are rigged with a 3x3 matrix of Robe Spiiders, emphasising the depth of the stage and providing lighting for back-of-camera shots for the IMAG video mix. 

Guest lighting designers also have access to a lighting rig ‘menu card’, with eight dynamic and different trussing configurations created using 10 trusses on an automation system. 

27 2-lite Moles are used for blinders, as well as 20 strobes and 2K conventional fresnels for front general lighting and six profile moving lights for keys. 

Orange stage

The Roskilde Orange stage lighting production was also supported by a Robe lighting rig with 82 MegaPointes, 80 Spiiders, 10 BMFL Wash XFs, four BMFL LTs, two BMFL spots and a six-awy RoboSpot system supplied by Victory Tour Production. 

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