Robe lighting sets the stage at Pride Tel Aviv

Robe lighting sets the stage at Pride Tel Aviv
Lighting designer Elad Cohen used Robe lighting systems to create a spectacular pride event in Tel Aviv, Israel this summer.

 DJ Offer Nissim played on a 72-metre-wide stage and set which featured a huge LED backdrop designed by Rubi & Gal Studio and built by Stage Design, while the lighting and sound was supplied by Argaman System and video by Clean LED, with 470 metres of neon flex from LED Art.

The 24 x Esprites were rigged along the top at the back of the set structure to light the stage, while 30 x Robe Spiiders were deployed on the stage floor to light the props.

A key challenge for this event was to achieve a balance between the lighting and the LED screens. The solution was to position MegaPointes behind the screen, for animated waves of lighting firing through the mesh, and to use the brightness and functionality of the Esprites to combine with them.

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