Roaming displays bring cinema entertainment to quarantined cities

Roaming displays bring cinema entertainment to quarantined cities
In a redefinition of ‘home cinema’, Madrid and Berlin residents are being treated to movie screenings from their comfort of their windows as part of efforts to keep residents entertained in the European capitals during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Window Flicks project in Berlin and the Cine de Balcon project in Madrid are employing projection and truck-mounted displays to entertain people around the cities

Cine de Balcon, Madrid

In Madrid, Amazon Prime Video teamed up with the Madrid City Council to create the ‘Cine de Balcon’ (Balcony Cinema) project, mounting LED screens on to mobile trucks which travel around Madrid to display Amazon Prime's series Modern Love around the city’s 21 districts.

The screens vary in size, from a giant 40 square metre screen with 16 pixel, 514x294 resolution mounted on a 24 ton trailer to a smaller 8 square metre single screen and double face screen.

The Amazon Prime content is loaded remotely with sound power up to 1,200 watts. Set up only takes 10 minutes, with the truck’s box stabilised to support the mechanically raised screens.

Window Flicks, Berlin

The Window Flicks cultural project was created to support cinemas in Berlin during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing cinemas to present films and projects created by Berlin’s creative artists to provide Berliners stuck at home with courtyard facade projections.

windowflicks_film_cleo (1)

Photo Credit: Window Flicks 

Berlin residents in an apartment with at least 20 residential units with an unobstructed view of a large wall can get in touch with Window Flicks, sending a photo from their window onto a possible projection screen (such as a wall façade) with their contact details and film selection.

Projection is also being used by a museum in Tel Aviv, Israel, using Epson projectors to screen museum content throughout the city. 

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