Roadshow: Epson targets the channel with Reseller events

Roadshow: Epson targets the channel with Reseller events
Epson is bringing its Reseller Roadshow to the UK and Ireland this autumn where it will show projection technologies among its product line up.

The Reseller Roadshow will visit five cities and feature insights from guest speakers on subjects that impact the channel. 

Epson aims to highlight why size matters in projection and will show its products in a demonstration zone that focuses on healthcare, corporate and retail sectors.  

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) will also be high on the agenda as Epson says it will look at CSR trends and opportunities these present for the channel. 

Leo Johnson, head of PwC’s Disruption practice, and presenter of Radio 4’s series FutureProofing, will join the Reseller Roadshow to discuss how CSR is reshaping business and society. 

The events will take place in London (October 2), Coventry (October 18), Manchester (October 25), Edinburgh (November 13) and Dublin (November 22).

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