Riedel wins Emmy for stellar show

Riedel wins Emmy for stellar show
The red carpet was rolled out for Riedel Communications after its work on a TV programme filmed in space won an Emmy Award.

Riedel was given a Sports Emmy Award in the category of “Outstanding New Approaches Sports Event Coverage” for the production of the Red Bull Stratos project. As contributors, staff from the company received the award at the 34th Annual Sports Emmy Awards held in New York on May 7.

The Red Bull Stratos project captured aviation pioneer Felix Baumgartner's ascent to 128,100 feet in a stratospheric capsule and balloon and his subsequent freefall jump, rushing toward earth at supersonic speeds before a parachute landing.

For the production, Riedel furnished the fiber-based video and signal distribution systems, as well as the wireless video links from the capsule's onboard cameras, enabling the pictures to be delivered from the Red Bull Stratos capsule. The company also provided the communications solution for the record-breaking project, integrating both wireless and wired digital intercom systems.

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