Riedel Communications expands global presence with Berlin tech hub

Riedel Communications expands global presence with Berlin tech hub
Riedel Communications has established its latest engineering hub, the Technology Hub Berlin, situated at Checkpoint Charlie.

This expansion — by complementing existing hubs in Wuppertal, Eisenberg, Vienna, Zurich, Montreal, and Porto — underscores Riedel's commitment to advancing R&D activities for the broadcast and event industry. 

Each hub focuses on specific aspects of engineering and innovation, with a strong emphasis on adapting to industry changes, such as the transition to IP-based transport of media signals in the broadcast industry.

The Technology Hub Berlin is set to drive the development of audio systems, using the expertise of former employees from Jünger Audio — which sold a portion of its divisions to Riedel in 2019 — who are known for their experience in crafting technologically advanced digital audio processors and algorithms for live production, television, radio stations, and streaming services.

The hub's Innovation Lab, powered by creative talents, spearheads product innovation in software-based media processing, networking, virtualisation, and deployment with its inventive ideas and preliminary developments. 

Moreover, the Technology Hub Berlin houses a dedicated system engineering team focused on the definition, system simulation, and development of next-generation wireless communication systems. With a current team of eight professionals, the hub is actively seeking international talents to join its ranks in the vibrant and culturally rich capital of Germany. The office, designed to accommodate up to 15 people, aims to become a focal point for talent across various specialties, driving product innovation at Riedel. 

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