Riedel brings all-encompassing comms support for European Championships Munich 2022

Riedel brings all-encompassing comms support for European Championships Munich 2022
Riedel Communications announced that it has provided the Munich 2022 Local Organising Committee (LOC) with communications, broadcasting and event IT support for the European Championships 2022.

Riedel technicians laid more than 1,600km of fibre to establish a versatile network infrastructure for the event, installing Riedel’s MediorNet distributed AV platform for signal routing and processing. 

Riedel’s Artist digital matrix and Bolero wireless intercom systems were provided to enable reliable communications for production crews. 10 Artist-64 and 11 Artist-1024 intercom nodes were installed, with 450 SmartPanels for control located throughout various control rooms in the venue. 

The Artist platform integrated with Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system, consisting of more than 400 Bolero wireless beltpacks and 168 antennas in the event and host production areas. 

At the Olympic Park, Riedel distributed three 10Gbit internet lines to production, media/press and commentary areas, providing a WLAN system with over 300 access points. 

2,500 radios were also used in the production, which Riedel supported by providing nine TETRA radio systems. The MediorNet installation consisted of more than 250 nodes, including MicroN and MicroN UHD devices, as well as 11 VirtU frames for media signal processing and SDI-to-IP conversion. The system was used to supply right holders in the International Broadcast Centre and Olympic Park venues with signals. 

Marc Schneider, executive director global events, Riedel Communication, commented: "The LOC had very ambitious goals regarding the championships' visibility and audience engagement on-site in Munich, as well as for the millions of viewers at home, while keeping a close eye on available budgets. But with our flexible and scalable MediorNet IP and Artist combination, we managed to implement a cost-efficient unified solution for data, intercom, video, and audio, connecting all venues into one overarching network".