Riedel Australia provides communication for G20 Summit

AUTHOR: Inavate

Riedel Australia partnered with Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) to provide fibre and radio networks for the G20 Summit held in Brisbane, Australia. Riedel’s MediorNet real-time fibre infrastructure along with more than 200 Hytera DMR radios was deployed for the high-profile event.

MediorNet's ability to route signals in real time was the reason for its selection. In total, 37 MediorNet frames were installed throughout the BCEC, providing complete path and signal redundancy for the large number of HD video channels, Ethernet tunnels, and audio and communications channels used for the summit.

Alongside the host broadcast services, provided by NEP Australia, Riedel's MediorNet network enabled transport of video feeds to and from the main conference rooms, media suites, hospitality areas, security zones, and delegates' offices. It also allowed the BCEC team to embed and de-embed any audio source to and from the video streams.  

Riedel Australia also provided a sitewide digital radio solution for the BCEC and a number of other stakeholders. Riedel used Hytera radios for the event and by installing two receive sites, Riedel Australia ensured that radios could roam between the two buildings that make up the BCEC. Riedel Australia also provided a 24-hour confidence crew for the week of the event to ensure that the radios, digital radio network, and fibre infrastructure performed well at all times.