Revolabs shores up Middle East distribution strategy

Revolabs shores up Middle East distribution strategy
Revolabs is strengthening its position in the Middle East and North Africa with the addition of FVC as a regional distributor.

FVC will offer Revolabs desktop and wireless communications products from its network of offices throughout the MENA region, including bases in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Kenya and Nigeria.

The distributor will target a range of markets including education, oil and gas, government and defence, finance, and healthcare.

"There is a high demand for unified communications solutions in the MENA region, but it has been challenging to provide high audio quality under certain situations," said K. S. Parag, managing director of FVC. "We are very excited to address this need by bolstering our product lineup with Revolabs' plug-and-play, desktop, and wireless UC products range. The company's products enrich our portfolio while providing the MENA market with greater access to the benefits of advanced wireless audio technology."

"Partnering with FVC is a critical milestone in our Middle East distribution strategy," said Roshan Gupta, regional director, India and Middle East, Revolabs. "Our reach into verticals such as oil and gas, telco, government, and banking and finance in the MENA region has traditionally been limited. With its reputation for quality products and unparalleled partner support, FVC is perfectly positioned to help us reach new customers in these markets and to expand our presence in the MENA region and drive sales."

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