Revolabs introduces longer warranty terms, and revoCARE three-year extended service coverage

Revolabs has announced new service and support initiatives and is now shipping all microphones with field-replaceable batteries.

In addition, to better support its customers, Revolabs has expanded its manufacturer's warranty and introduced new revoCARE extended service coverage.

With Revolabs' new V3 microphones featuring field replaceable batteries, users can now easily purchase batteries as an accessory from their dealer/distributor.

To swap batteries, users simply open the microphone, put in the new battery, and charge it. Old batteries can be sent to Revolabs for disposal as part of the company's free recycling program.

As part of its bolstered customer support, Revolabs is providing a longer limited manufacturer's warranty by making it effective from the end user's invoice date. The warranty now includes 90 days of complimentary advanced replacement, service, and technical support.

Within these 90 days, customers can purchase revoCARE extended service coverage to continue receiving support for another three years.