Revolabs appoints Yamaha’s Mick Kamihara as CEO

Revolabs appoints Yamaha’s Mick Kamihara as CEO
Revolabs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, has appointed Masanori "Mick" Kamihara as its CEO.

The move comes as co-founder and CEO JP Carney stepped down from the position. Carney will remain with the company through the transition period.

Kamihara joined Yamaha Corporation as producer for music production products in 2008. In 2010, he moved to Yamaha's professional audio business group to lead strategy and product planning of the company's commercial install sound products for retail/BGM applications. 

Kamihara said: “I am excited and honoured to be working with and lead such a visionary team at Revolabs. I have had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to work with JP and the Revolabs management team. They have impressed me with their passion for delivering innovative solutions that solve their customers' needs and their deeply rooted knowledge for building a network of strategic partners to ensure the best possible UC experience necessary in today's modern collaborative environment. As part of Yamaha's UC strategy and the Yamaha brand, we will continue to deliver exceptional support and quality to those customers and partners worldwide."

Carney said: “As an entrepreneur, I've enjoyed founding, guiding, and growing Revolabs, first as a leading audio visual company and then becoming a successful IT solutions provider that ultimately was acquired by the global leader in superior audio, Yamaha Corporation. It has been three years since the acquisition, and during that time, Revolabs has solidly positioned itself to continue executing its strategy for growth, which has given me the opportunity to step down personally and professionally.”

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