Retailers can now sell directly in augmented reality

Retailers can now sell directly in augmented reality
Apple has released an update to its Quick Look augmented reality tool, this allows iOS 12 users investigate and examine products in AR which the added option of then buying it still within the AR app.

Quick Look works in Safari, Messages and Mail, and can be operated with just one touch of the screen. 

The retailer provides the 3D model (as a USDZ, a file format built in collaboration with Pixar), and Apple taps ARKit to render it as it would appear in the real world, handling everything from scaling to lighting and shadows, according to website TechCrunch.

When initally launched Quick Look was just a viewing tool to look at products in AR. the update allows developers to customise it, inclduing the adition of BUY HERE button, triggering an Apple Pay prompt.

Apple is also rolling support for spatial audio into Quick Look in the latest developer builds of iOS and iPad OS, allowing these 3D models to emanate sound from wherever they’ve been virtually placed in the room. Move around the room, and the sound should shift accordingly.

Apple previewed the feature at WWDC last year, and this week, major retailers such as Home Depot, Wayfair, Bang & Olufsen have rolled out their implementations.

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