Retail robots

Retail robots
Digital signage is a staple for the retail sector. But with displays and screens affordable enough to be within the reach of all, digital signage needs to evolve in order to ensure it grabs the customer’s attention along with retaining it. Lowe’s trial of helper robots for the holiday season may be the way forward.

Dubbed OSHbot, the robots that Lowe will be employing are primarily intended to serve as customer support. The robots will be able to speak multiple languages and be able to connect customers to a remote expert employee if the need arises.

More interestingly, from a professional AV perspective, the robots will be equipped with digital displays and a variety of sensors. If robots such as the OSHbot catch on, system integrators can look forward to trying and incorporating a roving screen into existing digital signage solution setups.

Additionally the robots at Lowe's will also have a 3D-sensing camera and their own range of sensors to help them navigate the retail floor. With AV and IT converging, it will also be a challenge for the pro AV industry to collate these data feeds and help mine the extra information for use.

Lowe's will be deploying two of the OSHbots at their Orchard Supply Hardware store in San Jose, California (U.S.A).