Researchers bring scent experiences to VR applications

Researchers bring scent experiences to VR applications
Researchers from Beihang University and the City University of Hong Kong have developed a small, wireless odour generator to enhance virtual reality experiences in a number of applications.

The researchers say that the wireless odour generator can be attached to the skin under the nose or worn as a mask during VR experiences, releasing aromas to help students learn about new plants as well as helping patients to recall memories or to assist deaf/blind users in VR applications.

The odour generator contains a mix of paraffin wax mixed with food-grade liquid perfume which can be heated to around 45 degrees in two seconds to release different scents.

The device can be equipped with up to 100 smells, including durian, lavender, mojito and pancakes.

Researchers have previously attempted to create aroma devices for VR applications but have encountered hurdles in creating a practical device due to designs involving bulky liquid perfume bottles or wired headsets.

Photo credit: Yu Xinge, associate professor, department of biomedical engineering, CityU

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