Reproduced Sound returns to Brighton

Reproduced Sound returns to Brighton
Reproduced Sound will return to Brighton, UK on November 14 when the Institute of Acoustics stages its annual two-day conference under the title 'Auralisation - Designing with Sound'.

The event will be held at the city’s Thistle Hotel and kicks off with an evening tutorial on 3D audio delivered by Filippo Fazi, ISVR, University of Southampton.

Proceedings will formally kick off on November 14 with an introduction from Paul Malpass, Electroacoustic Group chairman.

The keynote paper, ‘How spherical loudspeakers came into auralisation’ will be given by Michael Vorlander, RWTH Aachen University, Germany.

Subsequent sessions, delivered by audio professionals from education establishments and industry, will explore topics such as ‘Stereophonic sound reproduction for multiple listeners’ and psychoacoustics.

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