Rental network tackles major projects

AUTHOR: Inavate

Texim, Electro-Voice’s Italian distribution partner, has brought together 20 production companies throughout Italy to create a massive rental network.

The network is hoped to promote better collaboration, freer exchange of information, and mutual support in the realisation of major projects. Furthermore, Texim offers members training events and seminars, at its headquarters in Renate, Italy. These focus on special applications and technical innovations from Electro-Voice.
"The idea of the rental network is to harness the team spirit that exists within the industry," said Pierfranco Galeone, managing director of Texim. "It allows members to combine resources as well as share ideas and experiences, leaving them better equipped to meet the steepening challenges of today’s concert sound business."
After three months Galeone described the feedback as "tremendous", adding, "clearly, we’ve tapped into a real need".