Renkus-Heinz declares ’no delays’ after fire

Renkus-Heinz has reassured its partners who rely on Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers that there will be no delays in delivery or halt in production after a fire at Asahi Kasei Microdevices (AKM).

Renkus-Heinz uses AKM semiconductors in many of its professional loudspeaker offerings, including the company’s digital beamsteering solutions, with Renkus-Heinz insisting that its products remain available and ready to ship, as well as custom fabricated at the company’s Foothill Ranch manufacturing facility. 

Graham Hendry, vice president, strategic development, Renkus-Heinz said: “We have well over a year’s worth of the AKM components we need to meet our ambitious production expectations. 

“Even as we look at increasing sales numbers, we are in a position where we can confidently continue to deliver on product. We will also be able to comfortably continue innovating and introducing new products on our road map.”

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