Rear-projection platform: “future of DJing”

A video of a Chilean DJ performing on a multitouch screen has taken the internet by storm. The man, known only as Rodrigo, uses Emulator, a multitouch MIDI controller designed by DJ Pablo Martin. Rodrigo’s video shows him using digital DJ software, Traktor Pro, to mix tracks on a rear projection set-up he calls Töken. See the video in the full story.

Emulator software is designed to work with tablet PCs, stand alone multitouch LCDs and rear projection screens. The first public stable (beta) version was released on July 24.

The multitouch MIDI controller software works with Windows 7 and, in addition to its existing compatibility with Traktor Pro, will soon support numerous other DJing software. Various tech blogs and websites are hailing the concept as the “future of DJing”. This seems a little ambitious but Rodrigo’s concept is certainly futuristic.