Rear-projected, transparent mixing desk comes to market

Rear-projected, transparent mixing desk comes to market
A transparent, multitouch mixing system has come to market more than one year after InAVate published a video of a Chilean DJ using the impressive controller. The Emulator DVS package is sold through SmithsonMartin, a company co-founded by DJ Pablo Martin who was credited with designing the system in August 2010. The system currently only works with DJ software Traktor Pro.

SmithsonMartin supplies Emulator for Traktor and Emulator Modular software with a 32”, 42” or 46” screen and rear-projector. The company also supplies custom sizes by request.

The company claims it is manufactured with a highly accurate and extremely responsive dual and six touch sensor, running at low latency of less than 8ms.

Emulator for Traktor is a multi-touch midi controller software that provides more than 130 buttons, knobs and faders covering all common features of the underlying software. Emulator Modular includes a complete set of objects so the multi-touch interface can be completely customised with buttons, sliders, circular knobs, jog wheels and graphics.

The system is designed to enable the DJ to provide audiences with a visually stunning show. It allows the crows to see what the DJ is doing and, according to SmithsonMartin, gives the DJ another way to communicate with the audience.

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