RealD / Samsung announce new 3D spec tech

RealD / Samsung announce new 3D spec tech
RealD and Samsung Electronics’ LCD business have announced that they are jointly developing a new 3D display technology called RDZ.

It will offer full resolution HD 3D video and is compatible with the same 3D eye-wear used in RealD 3D-equipped cinemas. It is an active shutter technology, but instead of the shutter being located on the glasses, necessitating batteries and resulting in heavy glasses, the active shutter element is incorporated into the display itself.
RDZ displays are also fully 2D compatible, resulting at no reduction in image quality in 2D mode.
What’s particularly interesting is that this announcement has originated from Samsung’s business division rather than consumer electronics, implying an interest in applications beyond the home cinema or gaming market places. The tech is being demonstrated at CES, so hopefully some feedback will be forthcoming soon.

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