RealD issued European Patent for XL cinema system

RealD issued European Patent for XL cinema system
The European Patent Office has granted a patent to visual technology company RealD to cover the optical architecture of the company’s 3D projection technology called XL Cinema System.

"The issuance of this European patent builds on the significant patent position we have globally around our XL Cinema System and validates our inventive approach," said Robert Mayson, MD, RealD Europe.

European Patent No. 2067066 entitled "Polarization conversion systems for stereoscopic projection" is for a polarisation conversion system (PCS) located in the output light path of a projector.

The PCS may include a polarising beam splitter, a polarisation rotating element, a reflecting element, and a polarisation switch, combining to direct multiple polarised light paths toward a projection screen to collectively form a brighter image for 3D content viewing in cinemas.  

Complementing the European Patent Office issuance, patents covering the optical design of the RealD XL Cinema System have been issued or are pending in many countries and territories, including the United States, China, Japan, S. Korea, Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico and Russia.

RealD 3D is installed in approximately 26,000 auditoriums by approximately 1,000 exhibitors in 73 countries around the world (as of September 30, 2014).