QSC updates French distribution agreements

QSC updates French distribution agreements
QSC has announced the appointment of two new distribution partners in France, Algam Entreprises and AED Distribution.

Algam will represent the QSC Systems Division and AED will represent the QSC Professional Division, respectively, to offer the company’s portfolio of integrated systems and live sound products throughout the country. 

The new appointments follow a long and successful collaboration between QSC and Sennheiser France, who, by mutual agreement, will end their distribution arrangements at the beginning of July 2016. This decision, taken at the highest level in each organization, is a reflection of evolving product strategies on both sides.

"QSC’s success in France is unmistakably largely due to the partnership we’ve enjoyed with Sennheiser for these many years. With gratitude, we wish them great success in their transformation," says QSC CEO Joe Pham. "The momentum we have achieved in this important region provides an excellent platform on which QSC and our new partners, Algam and AED, will build the next phase of our growth. We look forward to combining our collective strengths and capabilities to further enhance our levels of service and support to our customers in France."

The QSC Systems Division, which offers integrated AV systems to clients, will be represented in France by Algam Entreprises, based in Paris.

Distribution of for the QSC Professional Division, serving the retail, AV rental and production channels, will be conveyed to AED Distribution, an AED Group company and the QSC distributor in Benelux since 1994, and more recently, the UK and Germany as well.

QSC customers in the region will continue to be served by Sennheiser until the transition on 1st July.