QSC ME training event hailed a success

Engineers from QSC training in Kuwait

QSC recently joined forces with Vivid Audiovisual Media to host Q-Sys Platform Level One Classroom Training in Kuwait.

The session, led by QSC  Systems  application  engineer  Ercin  Ural, attracted more than  25  engineers  from  10 regional system  integrators. 
Chris Hellmuth, managing director of Vivid Audiovisual Media and local sales representative of QSC Systems said: “We originally intended to train between 10-15 people; however, we had tremendous  interest  from  local  AV  engineers  and  ended  up  with  a  lot  more  attendees. Our trainees were well prepared, and with his relaxed but focused training style, Ercin Ural did an outstanding job.”