PSNI certification aims to establish benchmark for services

PSNI certification aims to establish benchmark for services
PSNI Global Alliance, an international group of technology integrators and service providers, introduced Global Services Certification in an effort to deliver standardised support globally.

The certification - for those with responsibility for managing, offering or delivering post-sales support services - is designed to establish a baseline of excellent AV support and key principles for service collaboration between PSNI’s Certified Solution Providers.

Chris Miller, executive director at PSNI, said: “This certification is the natural evolution of our growing network. Services is the future for any business - it keeps customers coming through the door and provides integrators an opportunity to delight their customers and give them an incredible and consistent experience. Our global clients demand a consistently high level of expertise, and The Alliance seeks to standardize its approach across the network to ensure these standards are delivered.”

PSNI says Service Certified CSPs will follow common methods of communication, provide timely responses to request for support and represent themselves, source CSPs and PSNI to the very best standards. A Service Handbook has been created to support certified individuals.

Photo credit: Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock .com

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