PSNI announces new members to take alliance global

PSNI announces new members to take alliance global
The PSNI Global Alliance, a group of AV/IT integrators and service providers, has added 10 members as part of global expansion targeting more than 100 countries.

Professional Systems Network International (PSNI), a commercial AV technology network in North America started in 1986, formed the PSNI Global Alliance to expand its reach.

The new members include: DataVision in Germany; Meritec Presentation Products in Ireland; BIS in the Netherlands; Involve Visual Collaboration in the UK; Snelling Business Systems in the UK; Candeo Vision in the UK; Solutione in Brazil; Resurgent in India; Granteq in the UAE; and North American affiliate partner, HB Communications, in the UK.

Chris Miller, executive director of PSNI, said: “In 2016, it was decided that PSNI would underwrite an exploratory study to determine the viability of a global footprint. The findings confirmed that the timing was right for the expansion of the network to benefit current and future stakeholders
“The ability to deliver global integration and managed services to enterprise clients through a connected network of trusted partners is now one step closer to reality for a select group of best-in-class technology providers”. 

PSNI intends to build its network of technology integrators and services providers to more than 100 countries within the next three years. 
Toby Wise managing director at Snelling Business SystemsToby Wise, managing director at Snelling Business Systems - one of the recently added partners - said: “Global enterprises are experiencing a surge in demand for real-time communication, collaboration and display technologies. However, finding partners in the AV/UC space that can implement, deploy, service and support that strategy on a multi-national and multi-site basis is difficult.  
“The mission of PSNI is to take the guess work out of finding and connecting with a global partner with proven credentials for stakeholders”.  
John Fuchs, director of International Development and original founder of PSNI, said: “Over the last year, our focus has been to create a strong vetting plan for selecting the right partners and a sustainable business model that provides a win-win-win business model for everyone—especially the end-users of technology who are focused on deliverables and outcomes.

“The partnerships have to be fair and profitable for everyone involved while at the same time staying competitive in the market. A high level of trust and accountability is paramount to overall network success.”

The approval of the first 10 new global affiliate members became official on May 25, 2017, by consent of the PSNI Membership Committee and Board of Directors.