Prysm drafts Vertigo for signage solutions

Prysm drafts Vertigo for signage solutions
Prysm and Vertigo Digital Displays have joined forces in a collaboration designed to bring LPD panel solutions to market

The partnership will pave the way for the development of display enclosures for Prysm’s Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) panels. Vertigo and Prysm have agreed to work together to provide enclosure and solution options, designed around the panels, for a range of applications and customers. Vertigo also worked with Prysm to design the enclosures for Prysm’s screens that were shown at InfoComm, held in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Vertigo has a background in designing digital signage displays for harsh and demanding environments, such as rail platforms, theme parks and restaurant drive-thru locations.

Brad Gleeson, president and CEO of Vertigo Dispalys, said he was “proud” to have been selected by Prysm and added: “We look forward to designing and offering solutions which utilise the limitless potential of this flexible new display medium with Prysm.”

Dana Corey, VP of Global Sales and Marketing for Prysm, Inc added: “We are confident that our tiles will be well-guarded against the elements, providing unique configurations with dramatically less heat and power consumption than conventional displays.”

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