Prox & Reverie opens ‘Metaverse’ XR studio

Prox & Reverie opens ‘Metaverse’ XR studio
XR production company, Prox & Reverie, has announced the opening of a new, purpose-built XR studio, ‘The Forge’, in the UK.

The Forge features a 2000 square feet free roam stage, allowing users to experience virtual production, performance capture, volumetric capture, pre-visualisation and simulation, as well as volumetric capture.

Located in Doncaster ,UK, the studio is home to immersive products from brands including Varjo, Oculus, Xsens motion capture, Manus, Faceware, Vive and more.

The Forge places a focus on convergence volume, allowing content makers to explore and test XR content ideas in a modular system.

Prox & Reverie_Sizzle_2021 from Prox & Reverie on Vimeo.

Alistair Maclean-Clark, co-founder and CEO, Prox & Reverie, said: “The entertainment industry has seen an explosion in the use of virtual production techniques over the past year, with a specific focus on the use of LED walls for set extension and real-time CGI. Prox & Reverie was launched to level up the immersive aspects of mixed reality by tapping into the full potential of XR technology, providing truly interactive experiences that allow creators to create and viewers to step into and experience photorealistic fictional realities”.

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