Promethean buys Light Blue Optics’ interactive technology

Promethean has announced its acquisition of interactive touch and pen technology from Light Blue Optics Limited, a developer of user-interface technology.

The deal includes the intellectual property rights for the technology and a key member of LBO’s engineering team. The new interactive technology will further enhance students and teachers’ experience with their Promethean classroom display for a seamless, engaging learning environment.

"After careful consideration of all the other solutions in the market, we found the technology developed by Light Blue Optics provides clearly superior performance," said Promethean CTO. "Our upcoming hardware products that incorporate LBO’s technology, combined with our ClassFlow interactive lesson delivery platform, form a powerful system for teaching and learning in the classroom."

Nic Lawrence, co-founder of Light Blue Optics said, "We have had an excellent relationship with Promethean as a major technology development partner. As the exciting new products that we worked with Promethean to develop come to market, we are delighted that Promethean has chosen to acquire the technology."