Projectors summon gargoyles from Parisian trees

Projectors summon gargoyles from Parisian trees
A French artist has modified Canon projectors to create haunting gargoyles amongst trees in Paris. Clément Briend projected the images on to leaves to give them a lifelike and spirited quality that saw the ghostly faces emerge as night started to fall. The project, titled 'Journées du Patrimoine, Domaine de Saint-Cloud', is the most recent installation in a series of projection based artistic endeavours that have seen Briend use French landmarks and Cambodian trees as striking backdrops.

Briend replaced the continuos light source from large format projectors with a flash and modified the unit’s optics to optimise the flow of light, according to online magazine, Designboom.

“I always wanted to photograph the world without it being too faithful to what it is,” Briend told Designboom. “ I always imagined devices that can transform and intervene with the light in things that I photograph. The focus became photographs that include projections and hence the idea of doing shows with projected images.”

Briend lives and works in Paris, teaches photography at the University of Valenciennes and is the founder of the Politics Illuminations Group, which uses projection to “show invisible realities”.

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