Projector powered piano duet only has one performer

Yoshiki, a Japanese rock pianist, upstaged his own performance when a Pepper's Ghost illusion of himself started a piano piece that he then interrupted. The X Japan front man staged the show at the SXSW music, film and interactive festival in Austin, Texas earlier this month. Yoshiki is no stranger to the technology as X Japan first used Pepper's Ghost illusions in a performance in 2011.

Yoshiki appeared on stage, introduced himself before starting to play a piano. A few seconds into the performance another Yoshiki appears and starts a musical battle from a piano opposite the original performer.

Reports suggest that the audience were astounded to discover that the initial performer was a projected although the Pepper’s Ghost illusion is clear on the video of the performance.

However, the interaction between the two Yoshikis was dynamic and included gestures between the two performers during a dramatic performance.