Projector market value to rocket despite falling volume sales

Futuresource graph of projector shipments and value to 2020

The value of the projector market will rise despite a 20% slump in volume sales according to Futuresource Consulting.

The research organisation predicts that greater adoption of solid state units will fuel double digit growth in market value between 2015 and 2020. 

Futuresource makes the prediction off the back of reports proving the accuracy of its recent projections. The company notes that in the first quarter of 2014 it said the global projector market in 2015 would hit 7.6 million units. Figures now show it hit 7.67 million units. 

Claire Kerrison, senior market analyst, Professional Displays at Futuresource Consulting, said: "Despite the debate surrounding the impact of Euro 2016 in EMEA and macro-economic/political issues across several key markets, Futuresource's CYQ1 2016 forecasts were out by just 3.8% as the market hit 1.73 million units – a tad greater than the 1.67 million units predicted a year earlier. The forecast accuracy can be attributed to careful consideration, on a country level, of numerous market influencers."