Projection mapping system stays on target

Projection mapping system stays on target
Researchers at the University of Tokyo have demonstrated projection mapping on a moving person, with colour visuals stretching and contorting as the person dances.

The work comes from the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at the University and builds on research from 2016 that used a motion tracking system with simple black and white content on moving paper and – again – a person’s t-shirt. 

Hugely improved and clever content depicted in the recently released video comes from a system that has also improved in capability and sophistication. 

It’s called DynaFlash v2 and operates at 947 frames per second. The image is displayed in the correct position thanks to a depth-detection system running at the same rate to determine exactly where the 8-bit colour images need to be. The tracking systems uses 10 cameras. 

[Via Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory]