Projection mapping brings statues to life

Projection mapping brings statues to life
Artist Arnaud Pottier has used projection mapping to bring three sculptures to life in the The Fine-Arts Museum of Lyon in France. In the project called GOLEM, Pottier, of the French BK Digital Art Company, created the startling experience by giving the impression that the statues are blinking, moving their lips and looking around.

The Fine-Arts Museum of Lyon invited Pottier to unleasg his ‘uncanny augmented sculptures’ experiment on three sculptures; Laurent Honore Marqueste's Perseus Slaying Medusa, James Pradier's Odalisque, and Barrias' Les Premières Funérailles.

The project followed a similar one carried out in February this year called GOLEM X Apollo, where the disembodied head of the Greek god of music was used in another projection mapping experiment.

Pottier said he was inspired to create the project by the lack of life inherent of virtual imagery and classical sculptural art.

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