Price to head up ISCE

Price to head up ISCE
UK professional body, The Institute of Sound and Communications Engineers (ISCE) has appointed Phil Price as president and Helen Goddard, managing director of AMS Acoustics, as vice president.

Price, who will serve a term of three years, takes over from Tony Smith who remains on the Council and will serve as a director of the Institute. 

Setting out his plans for his term, Price said: “I want to ‘spearhead’ much more awareness of the Institute from outside our membership.

“I also want to see the Institute become more prominent as a ‘recognised’ body for ensuring the correct standards are applied when projects and installations are competed.”
Helen Goddard, vice president of ISCE
Furthermore, he said he sought recognition from other allied associations “to show that choosing an ISCE member or Supporting Member organisation will ensure that the highest standards have been applied.

“Ultimately I would like to see recognition of the ISCE at Central and Local Government levels across its main disciplines of Commercial and Professional Audio and Communications.”

Finally, he will be looking to meet with as many members as possible “to gain grass-roots views and ideas for strengthening the Institute.”