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A brand new 7,200 seat church Pretoria, South Africa, has been outlined with a top of the end audio system by local distributor Wild & Marr.

The Moreletta Park Dutch Reformed Church has built a 7,200 seater auditorium for their ever expanding community, which at this time includes 17,000 members.

It was obvious to the church that this state of the art auditorium would require a sound reinforcement system to complement the unique modern design of the venue.

Chris Leeson of Claasen Auret Consulting Engineers, and Chris Jonker, the Technical director of the Moreletta church collaborated to draw up the requirements of the Sound Reinforcement Contract.

A tender was issued which included the requirement for a digital sound system incorporating a CobraNET audio distribution system.

The Wild & Marr engineering team headed up by Tom Crosswell and Gustav Teitge put forward a proposal using JBL Vertec DP self-powered loudspeakers for the front of house loudspeaker cluster.

The design of the line array was carried out using EASE software, and both Chris’s remarked on the accuracy of the model compared with tests on the final system.

Gustav Teige commented said, “The massive venue, with three level high balconies, and a stage that is nearly the size of their old church, is impressive to say the least. The sweeping design also requires quite a lot of factors to be considered. We worked closely with the architects to make everything happen, both acoustically and practically. The venue will be used for a variety of applications, including services, live broadcasts and concerts. Taking all this into consideration, a compact, yet powerful line array able to provide both clarity and overall coverage was essential.”

The line array incorporating 20 Vertex VT4888’s and eight subwoofers ensured complete coverage of the auditorium. The clarity and intelligibility of the system are complimented by the full frequency response and audio flexibility essential to provide modern-day gospel music.

A Soundweb London BLU system is used for DSP and CobraNET processing whilst a DBX noise gate and a number of Lexicon effects processors are included in the system. Also, a BSS active splitter system is used to provide the Broadcast signals.

Tascam Source equipment such as CD recorders, mini-disc and cassette decks are also included in the installation.

A Shure PSM200 in ear monitoring system was included for use by the various worship groups, as well a Soundcraft Mh3 48CH console and JBL SRX712M wedge monitors to make up a comprehensive foldback system. The JBL wedges are powered by Crown ITY6000CN amplifiers.

Wild & Marr’s Tom Crosswell commented, “This is the first installation of its kind in the southern hemisphere and there is no doubt it will set a standard for projects in Southern Africa.”

Techspec :

BSS DPR-504 Quad Gate / Expanders
BSS AR133 DI Boxes

Crown IT6000 Amplifiers

DBX 1066 Dual Compressors / Limiters

JBL Vertec VT4888DPCN
JBL ASB-6128 Subwoofers

Lexicon MPX-01 Effects processor
Lexicon MPX550 Effects processor

Shure Microphones

Soundcraft MH3 48CH Console

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