PPDS powers Swedish supermarket with giant LED display and digital signage

PPDS powers Swedish supermarket with giant LED display and digital signage
The flagship Maxi ICA Stormarknad Universitetet store in Örebro stands out with an immersive digital shopping experience, powered by PPDS displays.

27 remotely managed digital signage displays are distributed around the store, alongside a 16 metre-wide direct view LED videowall, claimed to be the longest installed in Scandinavia.

The store aimed to transition away from its traditional, static paper-based messaged with a digital alternative, working closely with PPDS and signage software supplier, LTG Display, to overhaul the store.

 All print signage on site was replaced with Philips D-Line digital displays ranging from 75-in to 86-in, allowing the store to enhance its branding and messaging content with up to 4K picture quality.

The displays are linked to LTG Display’s POS system, enabling the store to update content remotely on the fly, be it with an individual screen or the entire collection.

The 16x1.73 videowall is comprised of a Philips L-Line 7000 series direct view LED videowall, visible from anywhere in the store.

Roeland Scholten, sales director, Benelux and Nordics, PPDS, commented: “The result of this collaboration set a new benchmark in the shopping experience with clear and seamless customer navigation and endless opportunities in content creation related to each department. We’re delighted to have supported Maxi ICA in bringing their ambitions to life in this unique, forward-thinking store, where the customer experience really does come first.”

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