PPDS donates 5 Philips displays to Salvation Army

PPDS donates 5 Philips displays to Salvation Army
PPDS has announced that it has donated five Philips professional displays to the Salvation Army in the Netherlands, providing education opportunities to children and adults.

The five displays, ranging from the 75-in D-Line digital displace as well as 75-in Philips T-Line interactive displays for education, installed inside the Salvation Army’s local community centre in and around the Dutch towns of Utrecht and Ridderkerk. 

The Salvation Army intends to replace its flipcharts, blackboards and whiteboards with 4K interactive and collaborative displays. The displays are to be used to teach everyday skills to adults, including senior citizens, as well as help with literacy, arithmetic and other skills. 

The T-Line displays will be used to support local school children with homework and studies as well as additional learning and collaborative opportunities. 

Martijn van der Woude, director international business development, PPDS, commented: “At PPDS we understand and wholeheartedly appreciate the incredible work that charitable organisations like the Salvation Army provide to local communities. These people devote their lives to helping others and at we wanted to support them.

“By donating these five Philips professional displays, we’re providing staff and communities with an advanced education toolkit to help them provide a service befitting of their incredible efforts, for a seamless, deeper learning experience for the people they’re supporting.”

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